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"Massage" Parlor Closed after Sting Operation

As Director of Law, Michael R. Gareau, Jr. tells us the story:

"We received a complaint in April. Reelax Asian Massage wasn’t open three weeks before somebody reported it because they were concerned about what they saw online. It certainly led one to conclude that they were engaged in something other than medical message.

"Westshore Enforcement Bureau was involved. In the process of their investigation, the individual was charged in acts that constitute prostitution.

“In North Olmsted, we have a code that licenses and regulates any type of what we would call a recreational massage. We license it, because we know what happens. We’re trying to avoid exactly what’s happening here.

"We need to know where these establishments are, what they’re doing and we need to make sure we keep an eye on them. I’m talking about establishments other than the limited practice of massotherapy, which is governed by the State of Ohio medical board. Reelax Asian Massage originally presented to the city with a massotherapy license for an individual that we since learned was not affiliated with the entity in the way it was presented.

"We don’t find them often,” Gareau said. “They’re not happening every day. But if we have reason to believe there is activity going on that violates the law, then we’re going to pursue it and shut them down."

Michael R. Gareau, Jr.: Protecting North Olmsted

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Preserving the Community by Nuisance Abatement Actions

As Director of Law, Michael R. Gareau, Jr. has initiated legal actions to combat vacant and abandoned residential properties after the foreclosure crisis of 2008. Michael has filed multiple nuisance abatement actions in court to eliminate the neighborhood-destroying blight of abandoned and dilapidated homes. He then secured judgments to demolish the condemned structures. Walter Road, Lorain Road, Shelley Drive and Berkshire Drive are just a few examples where Michael’s determination brought about a neighborhood improvement. In the case of an abandoned property at 5261 Berskhire Drive, Michael even recovered the $10,436.76 that the City spent to tear down the property!

When Michael R. Gareau, Jr. learned that the peace and quiet of the neighborhood on Warrington Drive was being disrupted by an out-of-control “Airbnb” temporary rental operating as though it were a year round, multitenant hotel, he got to work. Michael led the City’s adoption and enforcement of Code standards to regulate “Airbnb” transient rentals. Armed with the tools to bring about change, Michael proceeded to Court, obtained a Judgment against property owners and then forced them to cease and desist transient rental practices. Cuyahoga County Case No. 18CV904342. The residents of Bretton Ridge on Warrington were relieved that such nuisance “Airbnb” rentals were terminated.

When Michael R. Gareau, Jr. learned of an unlicensed massage parlor operating near the corner of Clague Road and Lorain Road, he obtained injunctive relief to shut down and prohibit the operation of such unlicensed massage parlors in North Olmsted. Cuyahoga County Case No. 17CV874418.

Forced out of the City of North Olmsted by Michael, the owner of this very same massage parlor was later raided by federal and state authorities at another location. Found guilty of prostitution, money laundering, corruption and fraud, this felon won’t be eligible for release from prison for another year.

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Saving Taxpayer Money

As Director of Law, Michael R. Gareau, Jr. has instituted changes in operations and staffing to the Department of Law to preserve taxpayer resources and operate below budget for over 10 years. As a result of pay changes that he initiated, North Olmsted taxpayers saved nearly $1,000,000.00 in payroll expenses alone during his tenure. Further, Michael handles almost all legal affairs in-house, assisted by the City Prosecutor and Assistant Director of Law. Combined with Michael, they have nearly 75 years of municipal law and prosecutor experience. Michael rarely incurs the expense of outside counsel unless absolutely necessary to protect the City’s best interest.


Protecting the City in Court

As Director of Law, Michael R. Gareau, Jr. represents the City of North Olmsted in Court on both civil and criminal actions. Thanks to Michael’s litigation strategies, the City has a record of achieving victories and preserving taxpayer dollars.

Michael R. Gareau, Jr. has advised on the construction of multi-million dollar public improvement projects at the Wastewater Treatment Plant, Recreation Center, Springvale Golf Course, and multiple road improvement projects. Michael insisted on high quality and complete performance, both on time and on budget, and defended successfully against claims for damages and extra compensation. The citizens of North Olmsted can admire their investment at the wastewater treatment plant, Springvale Golf Course and the Recreation Center, and can be assured that Michael and his staff worked to save the City of North Olmsted hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars through his leadership, resolve and determination.